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Contact us to schedule a mobile animation program at your school! Join us for an exciting after school STEAM program led by Alex Thomas, stop-motion animator who worked on Cartoon Network Shows. Students will learn different animation styles and techniques through the art of stop motion animation. Students will explore techniques such as onion skinning, rotoscoping, lip syncing, looping, weight, speed, timing, intervals, and more.


At the conclusion of the program, every student will receive a DVD of all of the animation produced during the program.

All registration and payment is done online to take the burden off of your office staff. We bring everything to your location; all we need is an open classroom and a few tables.  

one  time 3-hour Animation Workshop

5 Session Animation Club

Custom length Animation program


Co-op & Partnership


This is our most popular option! We will come to your school one time for a three-hour session for up to 35 students. Students will receive a DVD of all the animation created during the workshop!

We will come to your school five times for one-hour sessions for up to 25 students. We can schedule the sessions once or twice per week depending on your schedule. Students will receive a DVD of all the animation created during the workshop!

If the other two options don't work for your school's schedule, we are open to other program lengths and suggestions. We could do 2 two-hour sessions, 3 one-hour sessions, or whatever suits your needs. Up to 35 students.



We offer Stop-Motion Animation classes to homeschooling partnerships and co-ops. We can accommodate all ages from elementary to high school aged children. Our semester long stop-motion animation course gives students an opportunity to learn animation techniques that build on each other from week to week. Each lesson is fun and engaging, and students will end the course with a DVD full of their animated videos.


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