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Interactive Puppet Shows

Our Interactive Puppet Show is an engaging and entertaining experience that brings puppets to life and invites audience members to actively participate in the performance. This show is designed for audiences of all ages who are ready to be captivated by the magic of puppetry. Meet a lively and lovable puppet character with a unique personality that will captivate the audience from the moment they appear onstage. What sets this show apart is its interactive nature. Throughout the performance, audience members are encouraged to engage with the puppet, becoming an integral part of the story. They may be invited to help solve a problem, participate in a puppet dance, or even have a conversation with the puppet character. This interactive element creates a sense of wonder and excitement, as the audience becomes fully immersed in the puppet world. The show features a variety of entertaining and educational segments. From comedic sketches to heartwarming stories, each puppet performance is carefully crafted to entertain and inspire providing a joyful and memorable experience for all. 
Prices starting at $450 + mileage.

Video Puppetry Reel

In addition to live shows we also do commercials, videos, and special projects with puppets and animation. Check out some of the fun stuff we have done.

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