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Homeschool Classes

Stop-Motion Animation

Join us for a one-of-a-kind class that you can’t find anywhere else! Students will be taking lessons from a professional stop-motion animator who has worked on Cartoon Network shows, as well as films and commercials. Students will experiment with different mediums including claymation, pixilation, paper cut-out, and more. We will dive into the history and science behind different animation techniques followed by a hands-on animated exercise. 

Grades 6-12

Jr. Stop-Motion Animation also available for grades K-5

Intro to Filmmaking

This class will cover the basics of film production. Over this course, students will learn the process of taking a film from paper to screen. They will learn the basic language of cinema through hands-on manipulation of the camera. Basic aspects of production, including preproduction and postproduction, will be studied. Filmmaking and editing terms will be explored each week. This class gives aspiring filmmakers the basics they need to begin producing their first short film. 

Grades 6-12

Television Puppetry

In this class, students will explore several different styles of puppetry. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to construct several different kinds of puppets and to use professionally designed puppets. Students will also learn how to puppeteer and use a monitor in the style of puppetry developed by Jim Henson for performance on film and television productions. Unlike traditional live performance puppetry, the puppeteers don’t look at their puppets. They perform their characters up high above their heads, and watch their puppetry in a TV monitor. This enables the puppeteer to see if the puppet has good eye focus, good lip sync, and is able to walk correctly into a frame and perform many tasks within that frame. In this class, students will have the opportunity to test their skills at puppet eye focus, lip sync, and movement. Students will take part in several exercises on camera and will get a DVD of their performances at the end of the semester. 

Grades 3-12

Styles of Puppetry

This multidisciplinary art/tech class will allow students to combine mediums as they explore different styles of puppetry. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to construct several different kinds of puppets and to use professionally designed puppets. Some styles we will explore are hand puppets, finger puppets, shadow puppets, Muppet-style puppets, and more. Students will take part in several exercises on camera and will get a DVD of their performances at the end of the semester.

Grades 3-12

Special Effects Makeup

Students will learn a variety of special effects makeup techniques from a professional special effects artist. Students will learn to create effects like cuts, scars, burns, bruises, and more using a combination of special effects makeup, and non toxic household materials. Students will also explore theatrical makeup and movie makeup. Students will be creating the effects on their own skin, so please report any allergies when registering.

Grades 6-12

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